Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Film Reviews

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This blog will review the latest movies (both from Hollywood and Bollywood) from common man point of view. Critics have their own views but what you will find in the cinema hall will be discussed here.

Goliyon Kee Rasleela - Ram-Lila (Hindi):
Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela poster.jpg
This film depicts quite an accurate picture of the gang-wars happening among the different clans in Rajasthan. The Rajputs are violent and so are their games. Any mistake in their games which also occur due to small ego clashes results in eternal fights. How can love flourish in such situation. The continuous fights keep going on from generation to generation and have become a tradition. This makes progress and healthy environment difficult. Many of Indian villages have got serious problems. Honor killings also happen and a tragic glimpse of it has been shown in the movie when her mother cuts heroine's finger in which she wears a ring presented by her lover (from enemy clan). This film shows why some states or villages in India do not progress. Broad minded lovers have to sacrifice their lives just to bring peace in their communities. Whether it is Hindu-Muslim riots or fights among the communities of the same religion all happen due to same reason - our narrow & sick mentality and continuous tendency to feel ourselves up over others and trying to prove it. We need to realize that god has made all of us equal. All of us have got some qualities and lack some. Failing to recognize this fact makes ours as well as others' lives hell. So difference between heaven and hell is clearly shown in the movie - A heaven is a place where people respect each others' abilities and try to compensate others' limitations. While a hell is a place where people try to hide their limitations, boast their abilities and show others down and get frustrated and jealous when others progress. Both heaven and hell are on this earth only. The movie has a good flow but looks repeated at some places. The script is very much similar to that of "Ishaq" which came recently and was based on sand mafia in Varanasi, UP. Actually, both of these movies are Indian adoption of "Romeo Juliet" classic by William Shakespeare. But the blind copy of the end of the novel has made both the movies lack their mass appeal. People in India love happy endings. Sad endings need proper justification. So the death of hero and heroine has made audiences sad and not interested in coming back to see the movie again which is a pre requisite to get a superhit. Molestation scenes have also made families get embarased white watching the movie with kids. But the biggest drawback is that It looks that in both the movies director got confused whether to keep the lead pair alive for mass-happiness or show them dead to create more impact and they opted for second option. The performances by lead pair are excellent. Ranveer Singh has looked good in action as well as dances. He is emerging as a super star with each movie.

Overall rating: 4.0 out of 5.

Thor (2): The Dark World (English):
Thor - The Dark World poster.jpg
A true visual feast. This movie deals with the eternal question - what was there before big bang. Though the answer given is fictional but the depiction in movie is beautiful. Thor 1 was mostly happening at earth but this time most happenings are in heaven and so ample scope for 3D wonder and beauty. Dialogues are good and comical at several places. Avoiding the naked scientist (man) scene could have made the movie more appropriate for kids. Though the audience enjoyed the funny situation. Also the story misses something at the end. It looks that Thor underestimated the power of dark king's weapon and the form changing power of his brother as well. A good entertaining movie.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.

Krrish 3 (Hindi):
Krrish 3 is the movie with best special effects in Bollywood till date. Though many are complaining that the movie looks to be an amalgamation of so many hollywood movies but the mix has come out so well that it has become an original film in itself. The kids are just loving the movie and parents too are getting astonished at the large scale of wonderful effects shown. The film depicts in a fictional manner but true story of creation of many biological viruses which are reportedly being created by many private labs and countries to threaten the world and make maximum possible profits. Hazards of bio-technology are getting real day by day. So an indirect message has been given by this movie to the owners of profit hungry companies and inhuman governments that they shall come out of their sick mentality and contribute to the betterment of this world instead of ruining it. As it has been reported now that nuclear bombs are not required in future. Viruses, bacterias & fungi are getting so immune and strong day by day that they may kill entire human race one day. So Krrish is more required in reality than in movie today.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

* Mickey Virus (Hindi):

Mickey Virus Official Poster 2013.jpg
Hindi cinema has come of age. This movie is a true example how much research our present film makers are doing in making a movie and the results are quite good. This is a very good fast paced thriller on cyber crimes. Its difficult to predict what is gonna happen next in this movie. Moreover, comedy is also very good. Especially do not leave your seat unless blank screen comes out in the end because the last scenes have very good jokes. This movie is gonna be loved by computer experts and technocrats. Acting by Manish Paul is superb. He fits well in the role of a hacker. Elle Aviram has looked very sexy. Other actors have also done well in the movie. But the thing to watch in this film is its editing, storyline and natural dialogue writing and their delivery. Though the fight scenes in the end are not very convincing and also the reason behind killing the foreign hackers is also not very clear but still the story writer of this movie must be congratulated for novelty in this story. A true gift to technical people from Bollywood.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out if 5

* Boss (Hindi):
Boss (2013 Hindi film) Theatrical Poster.jpg

The movie deserves kudos for a nice portrayal of what factors convert a child into a criminal. The old song "Har kisiko nahin milta" has been used well and fits in the theme. There is a fight between two school boys one of which is school teacher's son. Principled school teacher beats his son. Again in the school, the other boy and his friends tease the teacher's son and another fight starts. The school teacher angrily throws his son and other boy in a room filled with sports goods where unfortunately the other boy gets hit by a cricket stump in his stomach and dies. In this situation, the son takes the crime charge on his head and goes to child-jail for three years. Even if, he would have told the truth, no one could have believed it (seeing the past record of the son). So, the problem with the child is clear. After coming out of the punishment, the son gets into a fight again with the other boy's father and relatives as they want to kill him for revenge. Result is again a severe fight and more hatred for the poor boy. This depiction is quite live and tells the plight of so many child criminals. Further, the movie depicts the nexus of corrupt politicians and corrupt policemen. The local goons like "Boss" emerge out to handle this nexus. Both the movies released this week, "Boss" and "Shahid" tell the same problem but in different styles, one in Bollywood commercial masala style while other one in art film style. Fighting with declared criminals is easy but how to fight corrupt institutions is the issue in both. The highlight of Boss is very good acting by most of the actors. Hero Akshaya Kumar has been very entertaining throughout. Fight sequences are very live and realistic. Songs are also good. Comedy is quite good at many places. The film deserves one time watch with family (though at some places, dialogues are not nice for kids). One weakness in the story is that police seems to be too ignorant about boss' background which normally does not happen. Also at the end villain policeman Ronit Roy (who has delivered a very good performance) comes out to fight alone which usually does not happen. Overall, a good entertainment movie which delivers what it promises.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out if 5 

* Escape Plan (A) (English): 

A one time watch movie (well twice or many times watch if you are Stallone or Arnie fan). Only thing is that you can not watch this movie resting on the back or head rest of your seat. Not because it is too engaging (well certainly it is to a limit) but more so because most of the dialogues are in whispering mode. Well anyway if you are planning to escape a prison being inside it that too with another prisoner, you have to whisper. The acting of the two heroes is nice as usual. The performance of Vinnie Jones as villain is another good thing but what troubles this movie in my view is monotonicity and lack of convincing storyline and direction. Stallone is able to know the numbers in a secret code pressed on a prison lock by putting a thin plastic sheet on it but how he gets the sequence is not clear and what if a number was pressed twice. Also, the prison officials give too much opportunity to the prisoners to plan and escape. This is not possible especially if it is an illegal prison. But still it is a good jail movie. The crux is as stated by Stallone there are three components required to escape a prison - layout knowledge, routine and outside help. So if you want to make an inescapable prison, make it on a floating ship (no outside help possible).

Overall Rating: 3.0 out of 5

* Gravity (3D) (English):
 File:Gravity Poster.jpg
A very realistic space adventure. The most innovative story line. Title of the movie suites the content from many lines. Gravity which has created and maintained life on earth, lack of which makes life impossible in space. Gravity of the situation which heroine in the movie could not estimate. And finally, the message which this movie delivers - the gravity of the danger of increasing space debris which the world is not able to estimate. The movie compares the love with which our mother earth protects us is similar to the love with which a mother protects its child. The frustration which a mother felt when she could not protect her baby has been compared with  the binding which mother earth felt when her citizen faces danger of space debris 600 kms above earth. A superbly shot beautiful space movie. First time it has emerged that only two actors before interval and solo actress (Sandra Bullock) after interval can also thrill you to the limits. Villain is space debris created by man again revolving the earth in an orbit. This movie is quite authentic. Keeping the F... world away could have made the movie better for kids as every parent wishes his/ her kid to watch this excellent film. This movie is true tribute to the space scientists like Kalpana Chawala, Columbia space shuttle teacher and many others and describes to an extent what they would have felt while sacrificing their own lives for the progress of humanity and science.

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

* The Lunchbox (Hindi): 

The Lunchbox poster.jpg
Writing about a movie which is so close to the critics' hearts is very difficult for a common man like me. Still let me stick to what I felt about this movie. Acting of the lead cast Irfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur and Nawajuddin Siddiqui is extremely fine. Even if these actors blink in this movie it has a meaning. The way situations have been depicted and story told is superb. I loved the expression of heroine's mother on the death of her husband. There is a huge rush in the house. Everyone is showing grief but all the poor widow is feeling is hunger to eat parathas. This is so real. It happens quite commonly when you loose someone very close to you who is on deathbed for very long. You do not feel sad anymore as the worst has happened but in fact you feel defeated and cheated but relaxed. The fear that the person can die anytime does not let you feel hungry for weeks and sometimes for years. So when the patient dies, you feel hungry, enormously hungry as if the hunger of all these days has suddenly arrived. This movie has described this situation very naturally. In fact in some families, the spouse is advised to eat well after death of a person before the relatives arrive and it should be as the spouse is also human. This film has raised a direct question what a faithful lady shall do when she finds her husband cheating her, showing no interest anymore in her and having an affair with someone else. Shall she just walk out of the marriage? But what if she has a child too? Does she has a right to search for another Mr. Right in such a situation. Moreover, this movie gives a strong anti-smoking message. The film also shows importance of communication in our daily lives especially between husband and wife. The Lunchbox becomes a means of communication. The heroine's family has serious communication gaps. Her father smoked too much. Her brother committed suicide after failing exams. She is herself not able to talk to her husband directly. Dabbawallas symbolize here our thinking that just do your job and leave it to the god. She cooks and leaves it to dabbawallas to take it to her husband but does not communicate with her husband frankly and hence the problem. So, such a good movie that it should have won oscars. But here the problem lies. The story has been written more to win awards and in the process draws inaccurate picture of many things. Dabbawallas are a glory for India but the film tries to show that they are not that good. The service has already proven to be at six sigma level which means only one error in 10 million serves. But the movie highlights mistakes by these people and sends a wrong message to the world and thus no doubt wins many awards. Even if the story demands mistakes by Dabbawallas, this should have been written in a note there that this film is based on a hypothetical situation and does not intend to comment on this great service but unfortunately I could not find enough mention of this point in the movie. Though I wish to be wrong here. Another doubt - The film shows the plight of hindu families and women only. The hero is a Christian and very refined person. Hero's friend is a muslim, a very good hearted person again. But the heroine's husband is a hindu, a cruel person. Though I do not believe much in religion thing but the movie tries to say that hindu rituals and customs have gone rotten and muslim and christian people are much liberal which is not true et. al. It depends on case to case, person to person. Slow pace of the movie has also been reported but I feel this is OK for an art movie. Some songs, gazals could have made it more watchable. So, This movie is very good at many points but sacrifices a few things to win awards.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 

* Besharam (Hindi): 

Well, the movie has a point. Whether we choose our profession or profession chooses us. Many of us are lucky who are able to choose our profession but what about others who are not so lucky. And what if the illegal profession chooses a man who is unlucky but good hearted.That was the theme of many Raj Kapoor's movies like "Shri 420", "Awara" and so on. Besharam has a similar story acted by RK's grandson Ranbir Kapoor though it has got another social angle also that the hero is not only an orphan and car thief but shameless "Besharam" too. Since he has grown on roads, he could not learn any manners. This creates a lot of funny situations in the movie where it is shown that a good hearted thief can help a society more than a corrupt policeman and here it is the thief who teaches a lesson to the policemen & policewomen and not the otherway. A funny comedy movie which goes overboard at some places and parents with kids may get embarrased at some indecent points and double meaning dialogues.

Overall rating: 3.5 out if 5

* Elysium (A) (English):

A truly fantastic fantasy movie. The only objection is  'A' certificate for such a nice film. This is injustice to the children and future of science. The sets of this movie are so elaborate and wonderfully mesmerizing. Storyline is quite good except the fact that there was no need for the hero to die in the end. Better, it could have been a happy ending. The movie will surely get Oscars for special effects. Though the crux of this movie is the sharp contrast between 'earth' and another place to live 'elysium'. Or you can say  between third world (Somalia, Ethiopia etc.) and first world (USA, Switzerland, Finland etc.) on this earth. The movie advocates first world's essential facilities to be provided to the third world people too. And in the process of delivering its strong message, it entertains you too by taking you to a fantasy world of Elysium.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

* Phata Poster Nikala Hero (Hindi):
A nice comedy movie. A good situational comedy for entire family. You will laugh well. Dragged a bit at the end when villain was declared hero's father (quite usual in 1980 movies but rare these days). Shahid's dances and comedy is natural. Heroine Eliana looks beautiful but has acted a bit immature but that too is quite enjoyable by the kids. Romantic songs are also well picturized. Overall can be seen once with entire family. Son mother bond has come out very clearly between Shahid Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

* Two Guns (A) (English):
Two men, back to back, firing guns, with a helicopter overhead and money blowing in the wind. The man on the left is wearing sunglasses, a brown hat, a black shirt, and beige pants. The man on the right is wearing a white shirt and dark pants.  

The action lovers may watch this movie. Some scenes are comical too. But the end sequences where the two heroes enter the US army base and create havoc are not convincing enough. I will call it a weak script with weak direction. But the villains have done well. Fight sequences have come out well. Love scenes are not very enjoyable. What makes this movie work is natural flow of the two heroes.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 

* Riddick (English):
Riddick poster.jpg
The film is watchable at least once because of the creative imagination used by the director. A brand new planet has been shown as it was in "Avatar" but the feeling of survival here is more real. You may feel the chill as felt by the hero. The imaginative scorpion type of animal (yes as large as an animal on earth) looks truly dangerous. The last action sequences where hero struggles against aliens and huge storm on new planet have come out really well.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5